Dengue mosquito-how they look like and where they breed

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We were watching news last night and Ilo-Ilo is declared under the state of calamity for having more than 1,600 cases of dengue. And 10 baranggays in Quezon City may have an outbreak, as such we decided to immediately have our house sprayed insecticide this morning. To get away with inhaling the fumes, we went to the mall to pass the time and look for Eucalyptus and Citronella, but it is out of stock.

When we got home, the fume inside the house is still very strong and so we’re hanging around our table by the garage. Shortly after 30 minutes or so, a couple of guys who turned out to be our garbage service men soliciting money because one of their guys died yesterday from guess what? Dengue. He said, he just had fever and passed away. Dengue  is a very serious threat to the community. Try to know as much as you can about the characteristics of this mosquito and where they breed, especially be aware of Dengue symptoms.

Dengue fever is usually characterized by a sudden a high fever,  rash called petechiae on the skin (reddish of violet spots), may experience severe headache, some pain behind the eyes, also muscle and joint pain. If you are exhibiting this symptoms, immediately go to the doctor. Late diagnosis may be at risk of death as Dengue can be hemorrhagic, meaning it can cause bleeding that will require blood transfusion.

Aedes Aegypti -  Dengue carrying mosquito

Aedes Aegypti - Dengue carrying mosquito photo courtesy of

Dengue carrying mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) move very fast and likes biting on the feet and ankle. So try to wear protective clothing like pajamas and socks if you will be exposed to possible areas where mosquitoes live, like under working table.

Dengue mosquitoes are very domesticated, they like living indoors, usually on dark areas of the house like under the furnitures, inside cabinets and trash cans.

They may breed on vases, cans, buckets, drums, tires, roof gutters, plastic containers and the likes. So inspect your surrounding for possibly breeding sites and clean up.

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